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Welcome to an AMA session with Cookie3, hosted by BeInCrypto! Today, we’re joined by Filip Wielanier, the co-founder and CEO of Cookie3, a game-changer in Web3 marketing analytics. 

Cookie3 combines on-chain and off-chain data to help marketers make smarter decisions. Filip will start by telling us about Cookie3’s journey and their innovative platform. After that, he’ll answer five questions from our awesome community. 

Get ready to learn how Cookie3 is contributing to digital marketing and helping Web3 marketers connect better with their audiences. Let’s dive in! 

AMA Session With Filip of Cookie3

BeInCrypto: We’re starting our AMA session with Cookie3! Filip, welcome to our Community 🚀


As usual, I’ll have some questions for Filip. After that, he will answer 5 questions from you 😏

Ok, the first question from me: please introduce yourself and the Cookie3 project 🙌

Filip: Hi everyone, I am Filip, the co-founder and CEO of Cookie3. Stoked to be here!

Briefly about me: I co-founded Cookie3 because when I was working at Delloite Digital, I saw a gap in the market for analysis of Web3 on-chain data for marketing purposes.

So, together with my co-founder, I started Cookie3, the first platform that combined on-chain analytics with off-chain data. This allows Web3 marketers and project leaders to make informed decisions and better connect with their audience.

Since then (it was 2021), we’ve grown exponentially. Our team now has over 25 people. We integrated an AI Data Layer on top of analytics and released a series of products built on analytics and AI, which are Cookie3’s technological foundation.

But enough of this history! And let’s dive into the second part of your question – what is Cookie3?

Cookie3 is the first MarketingFi Protocola and an AI Data Layer. We are redistributing the marketing value across users, creators, and businesses to incentivize and reward the right users for participating in marketing campaigns. 

We do it through an interconnected three-platform ecosystem, where every stakeholder has its own portal into MarketingFi, where they interact and exchange value fairly.

Our three platforms are Cookie3 Analytics, Cookie3 Affiliate, and Cookie3 Score – let me elaborate on all three:

👉Cookie3 Analytics

This one is a B2B solution often called the Google Analytics of Web3; Cookie3 Analytics is a B2B app that allows marketers to track the performance of their campaigns from off-chain to on-chain and measure attributions of their actions, determining the most effective channels and campaigns to attract, convert, and retain quality users. We allow marketers to understand their existing or potential audiences better and find synergies for more personalized and tailored (hence more effective) campaigns.

Then, part of the Cookie3 Analytics is the Cookie3 Airdrop Shield, which helps exclude bad actors from participating in an airdrop.

👉The Cookie3 Airdrop Shield is a product for projects that want to ensure their airdrop is distributed across quality users rather than bots or Sybil attackers. It combines off-chain and on-chain analytics to flag suspicious users and let the project leaders decide whether to distribute the tokens to them or not. Our Web3 AI has been trained on 15 unique characteristics to determine bots and Sybil attackers with laser-point accuracy. Working with our partners, we discovered that, in some cases, as much as 70% of an airdrop is distributed to bots. Our solution helps distribute the value to real users who bring quality.

👉The second product is Cookie3 Affiliate, the first KOL aggregator in Web3. Cookie3 Affiliate has two ways in which it is used:

🎖1. Affiliate Campaigns: Businesses launch their affiliate campaigns with pre-determined conversion events (tracked by Cookie3 Analytics) and rewards, while creators choose campaigns that work for them. Creators can withdraw their earnings directly into their wallets, choosing from tokens, airdrops, and private allocation rewards. They also receive leaderboard points for inviting other KOLs to the platform or plugging in more wallets. A high position on the leaderboard means further rewards and priority campaign access.

🎖2. FAIR KOL ROUNDS: Every token launching has its own KOL round, but often the community is worse off because. In contrast, the creators get to invest in tokens on preferential terms in return for promotion, there is nothing left for users.

Cookie3 Affiliate is basically like Tinder for KOLs and projects, helping creators find the KOL rounds and terms they want to onboard on. With one major difference: Every KOL participating has a chance to get this preferential allocation for their community as well, making something that was gated open to people who believe in and follow that creator.

What does it mean? For the FIRST TIME EVER! Every day, Web3 communities get access to early investments in the preferential KOL rounds!

Here’s some insider info: Currently, 12 projects are onboarding creators on their fair KOL rounds, and these rounds are already 4500% oversubscribed. (The full fund that the projects are onboarding on is over 3M.) And it’s just 12 projects. Think about how much investment these KOL rounds bring! So, both Cookie3 Analytics and Cookie3 Affiliate are the products that are functioning and running.

Our final product (for now) will come by the end of this year: the Cookie3 Score. Launching later this year 👀

BIC: Okaaay 🔥 Can you tell more about the primary utilities of the $COOKIE token within the Cookie3 ecosystem?

Filip: Really glad you asked because $COOKIE has some interesting utilities (with more utilities coming soon!).

As I mentioned, we can split $COOKIE 🍪 utilities into native utilities granted to $COOKIE by Cookie DAO and ‘gained’ utilities, which $COOKIE 🍪 received due to the partnership with Cookie3 and by being injected into Cookie3 platforms and products

Within the Cookie DAO framework, $COOKIE 🍪 has two native utilities:

  • Staking: $COOKIE  staking benefits from staking rewards and a healthy APY. Stakers can stake the token directly on the Cookie DAO site – – with an embedded staking portal.
  • Right now, there is a staking campaign as part of our and Cookie DAO’s MASSIVE 60-day first-movers campaign, and stakers can earn 120% APY!

  •  Governance: Holding $COOKIE means automatic governance rights within the Cookie DAO, allowing one to make decisions related to the DAO Treasury, DAO Fund, and token utilities. Additionally, the Cookie DAO’s partnership with Cookie3 granted $COOKIE holders further governance rights regarding Cookie3 product and project updates and the rewards that $COOKIE stakers receive from the Cookie3 platforms.
  • BIC: What incentives do users and investors have for holding and using $COOKIE tokens? 👀

    Filip: I think, based on the utilities above some of those are pretty clear to the audience 😉

    But let me lay down a couple of bullet points from the Cookie DAO itself:

    👉 The token has an exciting staking APY (especially now with the 120% APY poo;), bringing healthy ROI for investors

    👉 Some call $COOKIE a low-cap gem, predicting the current market cap of 8M has the potential to rise 5 times to 30M (just saying what others are hinting. Not financial advice)

    👉 The airdrop utility means nice ROI for users since it means free tokens on top of staking rewards – with over 350 projects already using Cookie3, think how many airdrops are coming for $COOKIE stakers..

    👉 The AI Data Credits redeemable for $COOKIE mean that as more people need access to AI-powered data (and more and more will since this market is growing like crazy), the demand for $COOKIE will rise as well, creating natural buying pressure.

    👉 The Cookie DAO already has some exciting burn campaigns in mind to prevent token inflation, keeping the price steady.

    👉 There are no investor unlocks for the next 4 months = ZERO new selling pressure!

    Due to a joint partnership, the Cookie DAO and Cookie3 constitute the Cookie Ecosystem, in which the $COOKIE token acquires further ‘gained’ utilities across Cookie3 platforms and products. These acquired utilities include:

    🍪 Multi-airdrop access: $COOKIE stakers earn airdrops from multiple Cookie3 ecosystem projects. These airdrops come from fees that the project pays to use Cookie3 platforms. The fees are collected in the projects’ native tokens. Therefore, $COOKIE stakers are getting endless access to airdrops from new and established altcoins across the industry.

    🍪 The airdrops are gathered from 4 places within the Cookie Ecosystem:

    a. Cookie3 Airdrop Shield: Cookie3 Airdrop Shield is used by projects to determine bots and Sybil attackers and exclude them from an airdrop. Cookie3 collects a proportion (about 10-20%) of the ‘saved’ airdrop, and the Cookie DAO passes it onto $COOKIE stakers as airdrops.

    b. Cookie3 Affiliate: Projects use Cookie3 Affiliate for two reasons:

    (i) To launch affiliate and referral campaigns with creators and pay for results when users convert into an action desired by a project;

    (ii) To launch fair KOL rounds onboarding creators as early investors but at the same time allowing those creators’ communities to benefit from the investment as well. 

    In the first case, the project pays creators rewards in their native tokens or USDT, and Cookie3 collects a platform fee, which then gets distributed to the $COOKIE stakers. 

    For the KOL private round investments, Cookie3 collects a management fee in the form of 10-20% of the project’s KOL round supply and then, with the help of the $COOKIE DAO, redistributes these fees to the $COOKIE stakes. Users get access to exclusive KOL rounds and tokens for the first time in history.

    c. Cookie3 Score allows users to connect their wallets and social media accounts to receive a score based on their on- and off-chain Web3 activity. This score is then used by projects that want to onboard and market quality Web3 audiences to pass rewards to users with the highest ranking. Cookie3 collects a fraction of the rewards a project wishes to distribute as a platform fee, and then the Cookie DAO distributes it as airdrops to $COOKIE stakers. There are over 250K users on the Cookie3 Score waitlist.

    Now onto the second $COOKIE ‘gained’ utility from the Cookie x Cookie DAO partnership!

    🍪 Exclusive access & AI Data Credits: $COOKIE can be redeemed for AI data credits within the Cookie3 Analytics platform when projects or users want to access AI-powered Web3 data and analytics. Such a model creates a demand for $COOKIE that will increase proportionally to the demand for AI Data, marketing, and analytics, which is projected to more than quadruple and hit $2.5 trillion by 2030.

    $COOKIE is the first MarketingFi token with a multi-airdrops utility across Cookie3 platforms and an increasing demand mechanism linked to AI data credits within Cookie3 Analytics that are redeemable with $COOKIE only. $COOKIE token will launch on June 13th, 2024, at 10 AM (UTC).

    BIC: 120% APY 🤯🤯🤯

    Filip: Indeed, but please remember it is limited! First come first serve 👀

    BIC: Filip, could you walk us through the journey of the $COOKIE token launch?

    Filip: Sure!

    $COOKIE 🍪 launched less than 2 weeks ago, and the first-day trading stats were amazing:

    ✅ It had over $52M trading volume

    ✅ Gained 10K holders, out of which 80% are staking!

    $COOKIE initially launched on 5 exchanges, and two more were already added!

    Right now it is available on:

    👉 Bybit

    👉 Bitget

    👉 KuCoin


    👉 MEXC

    👉 BitPanda

    The Cookie DAO isn’t resting on the laurels, planning new campaigns for holders, staking, and the whole community with new exchanges, new utilities, multi-token airdrops, burns, extra bonuses for stakers, and more coming.

    BIC: Btw, I’ve heard about your FIRST MOVERS campaign. Please tell us more about it 🙏

    Filip: Yes! First Movers is the LARGEST campaign COOKIE has seen so far, rewarding early adopters with rewards and incentives that will likely be the biggest COOKIE will see in its lifetime.

    (Although, never say never larger things might be coming later on but with stricter rules 😉 )

    In a nutshell: $COOKIE First Movers is a 60-day sprint that will reward the early $COOKIE community members during $COOKIE’s largest growth phase when more and more people learn about it and join the hype.

    The campaign encompasses

    🔹 120% APY staking for early holders

    🔹 Multi-token farming

    🔹 Upfront yield for live airdrops

    🔹 Referral campaigns with the largest Web3 creators

    🔹 New $COOKIE Utilities 

    🔹 New product for retail users 👀

    🔹 Bonuses for the community

    🔹 $COOKIE Ambassador program

    🔹 BIG BURN 🔥

    🔹 MAJOR exchanges listing

    🔹 non-EVM chain integrations

    🔹 Regional Markets Expansion

    🔹 More and bigger partners (already announced: Polygon, Bybit, Inspect)

    The $COOKIE 🍪 FIRST MOVERS sprint started last Thursday with a  time-limited $COOKIE 30-day lock staking pool with a staggering 120% APY. First available only for only for 1M $COOKIE 🍪, and now with a huge interest and filling up completely in less than 24h, the pool has been expanded to 3M $COOKIEs 🍪.

    The places in the pool are limited on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Also, here’s some ALPHA for you only: A new HUGE campaign will drop on the First Movers Pool between 3 and 4 PM UTC TODAY 🔥

    All I can say is: gather your friends. You’ll need their support to bring you the power of rocking the $COOKIE Club…

    ❗️You can participate in First Movers here❗️

    BIC: Let’s talk about MarketingFi. How does it fit into the overall strategy of Cookie3? What are the unique features of MarketingFi that differentiate it from traditional marketing approaches?

    Filip: Cookie3 is the definition of MarketingFi. We like to call ourselves the Google Analytics of Web3, but with one key difference:


    We also ensure the rewarded users are quality users relevant to projects.

    It’s DeFi, but in marketing. It’s a fairer and more decentalized ecosystem for all.

    Anyone interested in learning more – I am dropping some relevant links that explain how we achieve this:

    Twitter | Telegram | Discord | CMC | YouTube | Website | Litepaper | DAO Website

    BIC: My last question! Can you share any case studies or examples of successful MarketingFi campaigns implemented by Cookie3? 👀

    Filip: Of course! There are some pretty exciting case studies of our Cookie3 Analytics clients, some of which found (strangely!) that email is the most effective way to onboard quality audiences for them or others that managed to bring their marketing costs down by 60%.

    I am not going to go into too much detail but rather drop the links to case studies for everyone here:

    💪 How Flooz reduced CAC by 85%

    💪 How Dyson Finance saved 16 hours of marketing activities monthly

    💪 How JUMP discovered email is the most effective communications tool

    💪 How Apraemio onboarded 5000 new token holders

    💪 How Notum reduced marketing costs by 50%

    Other than this, we have some amazing case studies in baking from Cookie3 Affiliate users. With the first FAIR KOL round batch live now, we’ve had 12 projects launch a $3M+ FAIR KOL Rounds fund, with a 4500% oversubscription from KOLs interested in participating.

    We’ll definitely be dropping a full case study on our blog soon! 🙌

    BIC: Great, then let’s move to the questions from our Community 🖤


    Do you have plans to market your project in regions where English proficiency is lower? Is there a dedicated community for non-English speakers to gain a deeper understanding of your project? This project seems incredibly interesting!

    Filip: Yes! Global expansion is top of our list, we really want Cookie3 and $COOKIE to be inclusive.

    You can find regional Discord channels in our Discord and regional community channels – check them out through our LinkTree

    We are also planning to have the website available in other languages soon.

    Our team is international so we fully understand the importance of catering to various languages, regions, and cultures! 🌍🌏🌎

    BIC: @SauDelagarza:

    What are the current areas of focus for your team and what short-term goals are you working towards, as many projects often emphasize their long-term vision and mission?

    Filip: Right now we are working hard together with the Cookie DAO to make sure that the token is a success and it brings value to its holders and investors.

    We are working with a several projects to confirm airdrops for $COOKIE stakers. Lingo Island and Quoto Finance were already confirmed!

    In the meantime we are continuously updating our analytics onboarding new cliends (we onboard more than 5 dApps weekly!) and adding new chains to our analytics.

    [YES! Non EVM chains are in the works!]

    We are also helping 12 projects onboard KOLs onto their FAIR KOL rounds, and building a system to help projects track which KOLs are building real value.

    And of course, Cookie3 Score is very much in the works!

    Check out our recent roadmap post for more insightful information 

    BIC: @EzequielMarrero:

    How does the Cookie require a high level of security in the processing and transmission of sensitive data, including protection against distributed attacks and paying attention to the protection of user privacy? What measures are used to assess risks, detect and detect vulnerabilities in algorithms and protocols, and how is continuous monitoring and updating of the protection systems of users and their assets monitored? Thanks

    Filip: As an EU based company we are bound by European privacy laws – GDPR. Which means all data that we collect and store must first of all be stored in Europe and second of all be anonymmized.

    We never pass any individual user data onto users of our platforms and all data and insights we provide are aggregated which means it presents trends among a certain group and demographic rather than allowing insights into individual users behavior.

    What is more, $COOKIE has been audited by Certik to ensure the security of the protocol.

    Finally, our legal and technical teams are constant monitoring our tech to make sure user information is secure. In 2,5 years of our existence we did not have a data leakage at all.

    BIC: @MochaPoli:

    Lot’s of cookie stole data from users and sell them to others. What’s different in this Cookie3? What is the difference between Web2 and Web3? How I can earn from Cookie3?

    Filip: Our name Cookie3 is actually a word play meaning “Cookie FREE” 🙂 – we don’t use cookies, we are cookie less. One of the largest differences between Web2 and Web3 is that in Web3 data is decentralized and transparent. Hence, there is no ‘stealing’ data, because everyone can see it and no one can appropriate it for themselves.

    Right now the best option to benefit from the economy we are creating together with the Cookie DAO is to stake the $COOKIE token for APY and airdrops from projects using the Cookie Ecosystem here.

    BIC: @VictoryBuiTR:

    Where can I buy Cookie3 tokens right now? What is your current contract and how can I buy them?

    Filip: $COOKIE is available across major exchanges like ByBit, Bitget, KuCoin, MEXC,, Bitpanda, PancakeSwap and more.

    The safest place to start and buy $COOKIE is on the Cookie DAO website:

    There you can buy $COOKIE on a PancakeSwap plugin or head to one of the centralized exchanges linked on the site.

    The Cookie DAO has also created a number of guides about how to buy and stake $COOKIE to help you get started.

    You can find the guides here.

    Right now it is available on:

    👉 Bybit

    👉 Bitget

    👉 KuCoin


    👉 MEXC

    👉 BitPanda

    BIC: Cool, that’s it! Filip, thank you for joining us today 😍

    Filip: Likewise! Thank you for the great questions, I hope you found it useful!

    Final Thoughts

    Thank you for joining us in this insightful AMA session with Filip from Cookie3. We hope you enjoyed learning about how Cookie3 is revolutionizing Web3 marketing with its unique blend of on-chain and off-chain analytics.

    Filip’s passion and vision for a fairer, more effective marketing landscape shine through, promising exciting times ahead for both marketers and users. As Cookie3 continues to grow and innovate, we look forward to seeing how it reshapes the future of digital marketing. 


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