Digital Strategist Shares 3 Crypto Marketing Secrets


In an exclusive interview with BeInCrypto, digital strategist Jacky Rivero shared invaluable insights into effective crypto marketing.

Her expertise sheds light on the nuances of navigating the industry, emphasizing storytelling, transparency, and community engagement as core strategies.

1. The Power of Storytelling

Jacky Rivero emphasized the importance of storytelling in the crowded crypto market.

“Every day, more brands within and outside the niche are leaning into storytelling because it’s crucial for getting closer to their audience,” she explains.

Unlike traditional pitches focusing solely on problem-solving, effective storytelling highlights the brand’s understanding of users’ issues. This approach builds trust by making the audience feel understood and valued.

Rivero noted that the crypto space is saturated with content, making it imperative for brands to stand out.

“People are overwhelmed! The challenge is to stand out amid all that noise. That’s why it’s essential to tell stories that show how you understand the problem, not just how you solve it,” she emphasized.

By being relatable and demonstrating a deep understanding of the audience’s pain points, brands can foster a sense of connection and loyalty.

2. Transparency and Verification

Transparency is another cornerstone of Rivero’s marketing philosophy. She stressed that crypto projects must operate with a “don’t trust, verify” mindset, providing users with tools to verify the project’s security and operational status.

“Features like landing pages to check protocol or exchange statuses, proof of reserves, and regular communication about audits are vital,” she said.

Users in the crypto market are acutely aware of market volatility and regulatory changes. Rivero advised that there is no need to hide these realities.

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Instead, brands should maintain open communication channels to reassure users. This transparency builds trust and ensures user loyalty.

Community engagement is crucial for long-term success in crypto marketing. Rivero highlighted the importance of creating interactive spaces and activities for users.

“The community aspect is crucial — creating engaging spaces and activities for users to interact with their peers is as important as educating them,” she explained.

Gamified educational experiences, for instance, can keep users engaged while they learn about the project. Additionally, Rivero also highlighted the effectiveness of memes in crypto marketing.

“Have you heard that ‘Memes are the DNA of the soul’? I can’t stress enough the importance of being relatable, and memes are the best way to connect, educate, and entertain,” she noted.

Memes, if done correctly, can spread effortlessly and serve as a key performance indicator.

Crypto Marketing Challenges and Partnerships

Rivero pointed out the unique challenges of advertising in the crypto industry, where stringent legal requirements limit many companies’ ability to run ads. For those who can, the task becomes one of creativity and brevity.

“The challenge is fun — figuring out how to say more with less,” she noted.

Influencer partnerships are another critical element of a successful crypto marketing strategy. Rivero advised projects to choose creators who have tried and reviewed their products honestly.

“Knowing who your target users are is critical. Are they holders? Newbies? Liquidity providers? Approach influencer partnerships knowing that your offer will reach the right crowd,” she told BeInCrypto.

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Finally, Rivero stressed the importance of balancing short-term engagement metrics with long-term growth strategies. Prioritizing organic content, especially memes, alongside SEO, can capture immediate attention and build lasting visibility.

“Plan your marketing for immediate impact on social media and long-term visibility through search engine optimization,” she concluded.

Rivero’s insights offer a comprehensive guide for crypto projects aiming to thrive in a competitive market. By focusing on storytelling, transparency, community engagement, and balancing immediate and long-term strategies, brands can effectively navigate the complexities of crypto marketing.


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