Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton may run against Elizabeth Warren in 2024 elections


John Deaton, a private attorney and a vocal advocate for the crypto industry, is considering challenging the key crypto skeptic among lawmakers, Elizabeth Warren, in a race for the Senate seat. The election will take place in November 2024. 

In a Boston Globe’s Feb. 14 report, the GOP insider stated that Deaton is “taking a serious look” at the upcoming election in the state of Massachusetts, which Elizabeth Warren has been representing in the U.S. Senate for the last 11 years.

Jim Conroy, a former adviser to the 72nd governor of Massachusetts, Charles Baker, revealed that he has been consulting with Deaton and that the latter is going to make a decision regarding the Senate race “in the coming days.”

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Deaton is a renowned figure in the U.S. crypto community. He has a decade worth of experience in defending in courts the interests of sufferers of mesothelioma and asbestos-related diseases. In 2021, the attorney filed an amicus brief on behalf of over 6,000 XRP holders in a lawsuit between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple Labs.

Since then, Deaton has been a vocal critic of the SEC, its chairman Gary Gensler and Elizabeth Warren, whose tough stance on crypto made her a target for industry advocates. In his latest public attack on Warren, Deaton accused her of “gaslighting the American public” on X.

Warren was elected to the Senate from Massachusetts in 2012 after defeating the Republican incumbent Scott Brown with 53.7% of the vote. In her second election, in 2018, Warren defeated former state representative Geoff Diehl with 60% of the vote. However, the polls conducted in 2023 showed that only 41% of Massachusetts residents viewed her candidacy favorably.

According to the Boston Globe, with Deaton’s candidacy Republicans may be aiming not only at the direct victory over Warren in Massachusetts but also at tying her up with a competitive race and thus preventing her from raising money around the country for other candidates and causes.

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