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Spanish law enforcement recently nabbed three individuals who befriended and eventually kidnapped a Syrian cryptocurrency dealer. Following their arrest, the kidnappers, who were demanding a ransom of over $1.1 million, were found in possession of weapons and fake identity documents.

Syrian Crypto Dealer’s Captors Were His Party Friends

Spanish law enforcement recently freed a Syrian cryptocurrency dealer from three kidnappers that were demanding a ransom of $1.12 million (or €1 million). According to a report by a Spanish-language publication, the captured trio was set to appear in court on May 6 where they were expected to face kidnapping as well as illegal possession of weapons charges.

As revealed in the report, the unnamed Syrian crypto dealer had partied with the trio before the kidnapping. However, when they four met on May 3, the Hungary-based crypto dealer’s party friends pounced and started demanding the ransom money. According to the report, the crypto dealer whose company is based in Dubai, was told to access applications that he uses to manage his crypto business and to contact the intended recipient of the ransom money.

However, whilst in captivity, the Syrian crypto dealer is said to have taken a picture through the window and sent this over to a colleague who was negotiating his release. The colleague, in turn, then sent this to the victim’s other acquaintance who then forwarded this to law enforcement.

Upon receiving the information, Spanish law enforcement launched an investigation which eventually led to the raid on a luxury villa located in Benalmádena. In addition to finding weapons and gardening tools, law enforcement agents also found one of the kidnappers in possession of several fake identity documents. In addition, two of the Syrian crypto dealer’s captors had fake Greek Passports.

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